Revamping Existing Codebase

post image When working on revamping on old existing code base, things to consider so that it doesn't make your life hard later on : Impact Analysis This is to determine the effect your code changes is gona make to other modules in beforehand. This will help to plan the workflow, divide wo...
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Cabernet With Chicken Barbeque

post image The barbeque party was held before Khema went back to Thailand. I wanted to do some wine tasting and had been watching videos on youtube about wine tasting. This was perfect opportunity to do so , I bought Jacob's Creek - Cabernet Sauvignon (my first time buying). The wine and juicy barbecue with...
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post image I ve been working on this blog website for a while, it took some time. I learned a lot and it was fun, will continue to tinker around and add more feature to it. Besides the blog, other Things I want to do in the 1st quater of 2020 are : Inventory management for shop , flas...
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